Friday, May 29, 2009

Out at the Beal's

Sunday we went to a church in L'viv and after the service we headed out to the Beal's for the afternoon. We had a great time of fellowship!

Here (left to right),Denise Cassia and Alexandria, are playing toss up while Mr. and Mrs. Beal fix lunch. It was fantastic - Steak, potato patties and an awesome salad with ranch!

Mr. Beal fixing lunch

After lunch we had a church service. We sang about eight or ten hymns, accompanied by Kelsie on the piano and Mrs. Beal on the violin, then Joshua preached a great message on Gods will - that it is not some allusive thing out there, but that if you will just follow Gods leading in your life, you will find his will for your life.

Then on to Catan!

The ladies had their own game of Catan going on. Left to right, Denise, Mrs. Beal (Teresa) and Kelsie.

It was a Great day with the Team!

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