Friday, May 29, 2009

Out at the Beal's

Sunday we went to a church in L'viv and after the service we headed out to the Beal's for the afternoon. We had a great time of fellowship!

Here (left to right),Denise Cassia and Alexandria, are playing toss up while Mr. and Mrs. Beal fix lunch. It was fantastic - Steak, potato patties and an awesome salad with ranch!

Mr. Beal fixing lunch

After lunch we had a church service. We sang about eight or ten hymns, accompanied by Kelsie on the piano and Mrs. Beal on the violin, then Joshua preached a great message on Gods will - that it is not some allusive thing out there, but that if you will just follow Gods leading in your life, you will find his will for your life.

Then on to Catan!

The ladies had their own game of Catan going on. Left to right, Denise, Mrs. Beal (Teresa) and Kelsie.

It was a Great day with the Team!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scouting trip in the mountains

Here we are at the first village, after about 3 hours of driving. The first hour or so was on a stretch of road that had just been redone, which made it one of the best roads in Ukraine! The rest of the time we where dodging pot holes, land mines, and craters left by artillery shells! Well, maybe not the land mines... But if you hit some of those holes just right it would do the about same amount of damage as a Claymore would if you ever happed to run over one.

While we were at the first village, Joshua and his dauhter Abigail went to talk to the village head (the person who is in-charge of that village) while the rest of us stretched our legs a bit and ate lunch.
I shot this picture. for the van as we drove by. I'm so glad that this picture turned out. I love the different colors of the bee hives and the beautiful white blossoms on the trees.


The Heavens Declare the Glory of God and the Earth showeth His Handy Work!

The scenery in the Mountains is absolutely breathtaking! A camera is not capable of fully capturing it in a still frame. It reminds me a lot of the scenery from The Sound of Music and you expect at any moment to see Julie Andrews step out and start singing The Hills Are Alive :)

At about seven we found a beautiful place by a river to set up camp for the night.

Here Bryan is fixing a delicious supper of carrots, onion, garlic and noodles. It beats ramen noodles any day of the week!

While all of us guys were setting up camp, Abigail was picking dandelions, she figured out that if you blow on it, the seeds will fly all over the place. She absolutely loved it! and it kept her busy while we set up camp and cooked supper. She was a real trooper and did fabulous for the whole trip.

Once back home we set our tents up to dry.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My First week in Ukraine

Almost there! Boarding the plane for the last leg of the journey, from Warsaw Poland, to L'viv Ukraine.

Everything went great for the entire trip. I left Madrid Spain, at 6:35am and landed at 6:01pm in L'viv. I was the last person through immigration, and to get my bags, but it was perfect timing because Joshua Steele had just got there. He called a taxi and off we went to his apartment, where I had diner and some great fellowship.
About 8:30pm Brian Shufelt came and picked me up in a taxi and took me to the Ministry Center/apartment, which will be my temporary home until CMO starts.

This is a very nice cobblestone road in L'viv.
Most of the streets in town are very rough cobblestone

Every Tuesday night is English club, but due to the rain only one person showed up. Basically for one hour we read, discuss what has be read, then Joshua preaches for about an hour after which we have some kind of sweet and a cup of hot tea (Neat fact: Ukraines hate cold tea!!)

Sunday after church we were invited to the Steeles for lunch where I was introduced to a new game, called Catan (Which is similar to Risk).

This is at Joshua apartment in his living room.
On the left is Brian Shufelt, in the center is Rebekah Steele, and on the right is Abigail Steel.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Solar Show: Madrid Spain

This is our booth.

A friend of Brian Lowry's acted as our interpreter for the entire show. I am so thankful that we had him! There were several times when he saved the day, seeing neither I nor Brain could speak Spanish. :)

the booth below has a glass conference room (to the right)

Show's over! Headed back to the hotel for some sleep!