Thursday, September 16, 2010

Week 11, 2010 Ukraine trip

Tuesday - The team and I went to the Beal's house and helped Jessie work on his house. Nick and I painted the rails on the balcony with this black paint that was very difficult to get off once dried. Daniel and Mr. Beal painted the upstairs bathroom and removed the shower stall doors from the downstairs bathroom. As always, Mrs. Beal took good care for us by providing an excellent dinner and a place to hit the hay. At 7:00 PM, we had our weekly English Club at the ministry center and had a great turnout with about eight people. The topic for the night was "Pets" and one person had a pet chinchilla. I was amazed because I had never heard of a "pet" chinchilla.

Monday night we had a very bad hail storm.
On the way to the Beals house

Mrs. Beal grading lessons from correspondence course students. 

Wednesday - We woke up and ate a great breakfast at the Beal's and then got right to work. Nick and I finished painting the rails and then Mr. Beal asked us to paint the outside stairs, using the same black paint. Daniel and Mr. Beal finished working on the bathrooms. Nick and I also mowed the front and back lawn and then Nick, Daniel, and I moved sheet rock to Mr. Beal's attic and began to nail it over the insulation. We ate dinner then Mr. Beal gave us a drive back to our apartment.

                                    This picture was not edited at all! You see it as it was taken.

Thursday - We passed out tracts. Ice cream was a beautiful thing as it was very, very, very hot outside.

Friday was very interesting. Why? It seemed like it was going to be a normal tracting day, but it wasn't. Daniel and Nick were a team and Joshua and I were a team. Around 11:30 AM, I got a call from Josh saying to finish my area and then stay put. I said, "Okay" and did as he said. About 25 minutes went by and I started getting a little nervous, so I called Daniel and he said that Nick got into a fight with some guy. It turned out that this guy accused Nick of stealing some very important documents of his. Nick said he didn't and the guy started to get aggressive. He pushed Nick around a little and then punched him in the face. Nick regained balance and then punched the guy hard on the cheek. After the guy fell, about four or five other guys barged out of black Mercedes and BMWs. Nick booked it away from that area and found a taxi. He told the taxi driver to put the pedal to the medal. The men ran back to their cars and chased after them. Once the taxi driver saw this, he went so fast and knew the city so well that he eventually lost them.

Saturday - We went to a village called Sloboda Bolekhivska and passed out film showing invites for next week. Afterward, we went to our camping site and it was amazing. The river was so deep, you could actually dive off a rock into it. It was so cool! The only down side was that we had company who built a fire about 10 meters away from us and decided to blast their music really loud. Finally, Joshua went and asked them to turn it down a couple times and finally they turned it off at around midnight and left.

Joshua shooting video of Chris which became part of the Tale of Three Villages movie.
Here Josh is telling a very funny joke 

Sunday morning dawned cool and crisp.
By the time I got out the camera, the sun was sending forth it's warm and brilliant rays. We went to another village called Luzhky and showed the film at 3:00 PM. We had a great turnout with the average attendance around 35 people. It was great! After the film showing, we went home and hit the hay.

Setting up Sunday afternoon for the showing 
Cris and I preparing the literature that will be distributed at the end of the showing.

Chris and Nick waiting for the crowd to appear 
                                                    What is this?
On the way back to L'viv we passed an accident on the road.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The incident with Nick and the irate Ukrainian seems to be resolved. We've sought legal counsel to be sure of our position, and thus far things are quiet. The man who falsely accused and assaulted Nick has not made any more advances, and since there is no proof of anything on either side, we have been advised to "leave well enough alone." As a precaution, we are conducting our outreaches in other regions of L'viv. We appreciate your prayers for the safety of our team.