Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Week 9

Short and Sweet and To the Point
August 5, 2010 | ETO eReport | Written by Christopher Sayre

 Benjamin, Seth, Nick and I went out tracting in L'viv. Nick and Benjamin teamed up and Seth and I teamed up and we parted ways. At around lunch, time we stopped at a cafe to eat. Then it began to rain. But the rain didn't stop us from tracking. I didn't wear my rain jacket and I got drenched. The team and I distributed around 7,000 tracts.

 Benjamin fell ill and wasn't able to come with the team tracting. Daniel wasn't able to come either, as he had injured his foot days before. So Nathan, Seth, Nick, and I tracted. We distributed around 9,000 tracts in L'viv.

Daniel finally got better so he was able to come with us. Benjamin, on the other hand, was still sick. We had run out of "Genesis Invites" and "Good and Evil invites," so we used the "What Is Your Verdict?" tracts. There were not many "Verdict" tracks so we were only able to distribute for half a day. The rest of the day we had team church. We chose songs to sing and Nathan preached an awesome message. [Editor's note: We had already placed an order for 100,000 new Genesis invites, but it arrived later than anticipated.]

Friday was a Tourist Day. Since Benjamin was still sick, Daniel, Nathan, Josh, Nick and I went to the highest point in L'viv, which is an old castle. When at the top, you are able to see most of the city. After that, we went to an armory museum in L'viv where there were all sorts of guns, swords, daggers, pikes, cannons, crossbows, armor; and medals of great warriors.

Saturday we headed for the mountains. We got on the train at around 12:30 PM. We needed to pass out Fireproof invites for next weekend's film showing but we had to schedule with a village head first. We tried to meet with one village head, but he was at a wedding. So we set up our tents outside of the village of Lypa, where we would show Fireproof the next day.

Sunday morning we went to a different village to try and schedule a film showing for next weekend. It seemed like there wasn't going to be any success ,until finally we scheduled one for August 8th. After that, we showed the film in the village of Lypa and it was very successful! We had around 25 people show up. 


Inside the church

Outside back picture

 Climbing on what's left of the castle wall
 On top of the wall

 On top of Fizilkezmow the old castle

Inside the Armory

The Opera house

 The back door on the van flew open as we were going down the 
road and all of the hiking packs fell all over the road!!

Stamping up film invites
                                                 Chris passing out film invites in a village

Finished passing out invites, heading back to where the rest of the team is.

Showing in Lypa.
Waiting for the crowd.
Everyone who attended the showing gets copies 
of the Gospel of John, CBC Starter packets, etc.

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